Inspiration Comes from Everywhere September 17, 2012 00:00

A few blog posts back a short description was written of where inspiration for Kantyli products is found. I remember writing because of the extensive Greek background I had there were many areas to choose from. The latest craze is one where it just happened by 'accident'. Really. I've been having Facebook difficulties for some time now already. One of my questions is how to put pictures into categories. I didn't want all my pictures mashed into one folder but, somehow they did. I asked a friend to help but, he was of some help but, not much. I can look back now and say he was a BIG help that really got me thinking.

He helped me down load three pictures of the Greek road signs and four pictures of my drachma coin magnet. I wasn't thrilled with both products in the same file until a week ago. Where I was looking at the file and specially looking at the two different pictures side by side. One product, the road sign was big, painted with tape removed type product next to it was the drachma magnet, which represented a small scale. What happened next was the idea. Make the drachma large like the sign using sign technology.

Paint the wood board blue, tape, then laser engrave the coin pattern, peal, paint, peal the rest. Drachma 17" decoration disc was invited. A blue background with white outline for the pattern...and they look fantastic. Of course, they are quite big and the some patterns are just outright fabulous. Older patters are, not so much the news one.  I just stare at them. Looking at details that were just otherwise missed b/c of the smaller scale of the coin. Already eight have been painted and looking to make to five more.  They'll be photographed and eventually hung on my wall...and maybe just maybe I'll sell a few and they'll hang someplace else.