Yiayia's Koutala (Grandmother's Cooking Spoon)

$ 9.00

Admit it. You probably pissed off your grandmother when you were a kid. I hear many stories while selling my products at Greek festivals. You tell me how many times your grandmother smacked you with a wooden spoon while she sweet-talked you the many phrases engraved on these spoons.

Yiayia mass destruction spoons (Ymd) group consist of the six spoons of the phrases that Yiayia (Greek grandmother) was the most violent. 

Hang spoons have a hole in the handle that could be hung on the wall with a short nail attached to the wall.

Bulk discounts available for church fund-raisers and organizations.

  • • Engraved gift for Yiayia
  • • Choose from seven Greek phrases
  • • Engraved beech wood spoons
  •   Can be used for cooking, not punishment, you can wave but, not hit.
  •    All spoons are 14" (fourteen inches) long


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