Greek Drachma Wall Medallions

$ 27.00

Energize the home, office or Greek food establishments with these large circular drachma representations. Medallions will capture the attention of history buffs, coin collectors and anyone who enjoys Hellenic art. Each medallion is an enlargement of an actual drachma coin, old Greek currency, no longer in use and hasn't been seen in years until now. See every detail clearly!

Bulk discounts for fundraisers and church organizations.

  • Five drachma medallions to choose from, see explanation of each below
  • Made from 1/4" Plexiglas with painted white lines and backings
  • Medallions are 17" in diameter
  • Can be wall hung
  • Can be displayed on flat surface with help of an easel (extra cost)

Disc 1: Hellenic crown and crest
Disc 2: Two-headed eagle symbolizing the Byzantine Empire
Disc 3: Map of the Hellenic Kingdom featured on the back of the Dynasty drachma
Disc 4: Athena, the patron Goddess of the city of Athens
Disc 5: Often called the Dynasty coin, which shows the five kings that ruled Greece .

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