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It's the law, in Chicago now and probably most places, that you must cover your face when venturing outside if you cannot social distance. Don't worry we have you covered with these Greek flag face masks. Highest quality materials are being used to produce these masks with washable microfiber, 100% organic cotton backing and latex free elastic. Masks are made in Chicago and 100% washable.  Inside the mask is a pocket where a filter (not included) can be inserted. At the top of the mask is soft pliable material that allows you to bend and keep it's shape when pressed against your nose.

Masks come with elastic ends tied loosely and made long enough to accommodate any face curvature. Should the mask fit well right from plastic bag then tighten the knots. If you prefer a looser feel that undo the knots and adjust and retie the knot tighter.  Our masks colors correct matching Pantone specification for color accuracy.

The manufacture of these masks consulted with a CDC trained epidemiologist and Clinical Doctors to discuss design and fit of this face barrier.

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  • Each mask comes in it's own plastic bag

Masks are not intended for use in clinical settings where sterility or air purification is needed. Only masks certified by NIOSH as an N95 respirator should be used in those settings.


Customer Reviews

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Aphrodite Dinanno

Love wearing the masks BRAVO


Love them! Can’t wait to give my brother his when he visits!

Lee Bennett

I’m recommending this site to all of my Greek American friends.

David Neuman

We love our times in Greece!
Hope to be back soon.


Ακομα δεν το ελαβα

I'm sorry Spiro that your Greek Flag Mask has not arrived. It's is traveling a long way from Chicago to Melbourne, Australia. The USPS is having problems delivering the mail because of COVID and political issues. This story of the mail backing up was featured on the 5:30 national news this past Friday and delivering service will get worse. We just have to be patient.