Holy Trinity of San Francisco Pantocrator Mosaic DVD

$ 19.00

A behind-the-scenes peek at the making of a masterpiece. Hovering ninety-five feet in the air is the largest mosaic of Jesus Christ in the Western Hemisphere. From the forehead of Jesus Christ to the chin measures over twenty feet. Give the gift of God's work in this fascinating documentary on the creation of one the greatest achievements in the Greek Orthodox Church mosaic in America.

  • Experience this captivating documentary of the making the of largest mosaics of Jesus Christ in the Western Hemisphere
  • The perfect devotional gift
  • This DVD documentary provides a comprehensive look at the making of a masterpiece, telling the story of how Holy Trinity's Pantocrator became one of San Francisco's most treasured landmarks
  • 100% of the sales of this DVD benefit the Holy Trinity church
  • Video by Anthony Catchatoorian. Iconographer Bob Andrew




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