Enjoy a Cup of Greek Coffee

If you are a coffee enthusiast and haven’t tried Greek coffee you are missing out. Unlike regular coffee, Greek coffee is boiled, not brewed. This method also creates foam which adds a rich, creaminess to the coffee.

Greek coffee is made by grinding freshly roasted coffee beans to a fine powder. Greek coffee beans can be found at ethnic markets or online. Fill a small cup or a demitasse cup with cold water and add to a briki, which is a small brass or copper pot with a long handle that is used to boil Greek coffee.

Add one teaspoon of the ground coffee beans into the briki. You can add more coffee for thicker foam but don’t overdo. Add sugar to taste and let the coffee sink to the bottom of the briki, dissolving the sugar into the water. Remove the teaspoon from the briki and heat on low until the water just starts to boil. An incomplete ring of foam should form on the coffee's surface. Remove the briki from the heat before the foam ring closes. Pour the coffee into its cup and serve with a sweet pastry.

To get the full flavor you should sip the coffee slowly with a glass of water. Once you start tasting the first grounds you are done; do not try to drink the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.

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