About Us

 As a child, Panos enjoyed sketching and working with his hands. He thought he wanted to become an architect when he got older, but along the way he got sidetracked and started building architectural models. You can see about half of his life's work if you click on the link, "See what Panos did before Kantyli", in the title on the front page of the website.  Building models gave him an opportunity to learn how to visualize what blueprints described and then had figure out how to make whatever in miniature.  He loved the attention to details and surreal life models bring. 

Over the years Panos honed in his skills and was able to build many models for clients in San Francisco and Chicago. His work continued throughout the years until a recession forced him to look for a new career. He wanted to use all his work experience, his Hellenic heritage, artistic skill and passion and started making Greek themed products. With his new drive he has been able to design and make quite a few products that bear his name and have started to gain appreciation from Greeks all over the United States.