Hello, is an online e-commerce store that sells Greek gifts and religious products such as engraved koutalas, Greek Name keychains and road signs.

In previous years, I have been a vendor at festivals. Since there aren’t any festivals this year due to Covid, I’ve come up with an idea that can help your church raise some funds. 

How does it work? We offer you a shopping code where you advertise to your group of people who tell their friends. We'll mutually agree how long the time period will last typically from two weeks or longer. People shop during that time and after the time has expired the group will receive the percentage agreed.

Kantyli will donate 15% of ALL sales for a two week period. We can be creative and offer longer time, or shorter time with a higher donation percentage.  Just Delivery sales will not be included in the sum.

We mutually agree on a time period to offer products for purchase by giving out a flyer that we can produce for you. You should advertise by telling your parishioners to spread the word about this offer by sending emails and/or posting on social media etc.

Orders will be taken on the website

I'm happy to answer any questions or customize any products. If this is something that may interest the community please reach out to me. I can be reached at my cell/text 1-312-925-5094 and email

Looking forward to working for you,


Panos Fiorentinos

Founder and Creative