The Gift of Greece this Christmas

'Tis the season to be giving gifts to good little boys and girls of all ages, even if their actual position on the Naughty-Nice scale is questionable. Some of the people you're shopping for may be of Greek heritage, and if so, they obviously deserve extra presents under the tree, but even for the non-Greeks on your list, giving Greek-themed gifts is always a great way to go!

Getting Personal
Personalized gifts are always a great way to convey to the gift recipient that you actually put a little thought into the gift, rather than just buying the same things that everyone else is buying this season. After all, personalized gifts have the person's name right on it, so you're guaranteed to be giving the most unique type of gift. A few distinctively Greek personalized gifts to consider would be a traditional Greek road sign, known as an ODOS sign. They look exactly like the street signs in Greece, complete with the Greek Letters ODOS (meaning: Street) at the top, plus the person's first or last name in both Greek and English. Kantyli has a wide range of handcrafted and laser engraved wooden signs that are personalized with names in Greek, as well as humorous signs and plaques, each one finished to artisan quality. For those Secret Santa gifts where you're forced to work with a minimal budget, there are personalized coffee mugs and gorgeous wooden picture frames, all emblazoned with their name in Greek letters.

Stuff Those Stockings!
For smaller gifts that fit into stockings, the ones hung by the chimney with care, you have to check out the personalized Greek keychains, especially the ones with the cool Greek flag on the reverse side. There are also colorful lapel pins and magnets with clever phrases in Greek that make excellent quirky conversation starters.

No matter which Greek gifts you choose, you celebrate one of the most influential cultures in mankind's history. Whether it is your heritage or just a well-deserved homage, a gift of Greece is always in excellent taste!

Kala Christougenna, Hronia Polla (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year) from all of us at Kantyli!

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