Greek-Inspired Ideas and Gifts for Church Fundraising

Greek-Inspired Ideas and Gifts for Church Fundraising

Church fundraising activities are creative approaches tapped by different organizations to support varying causes and church-inspired initiatives. Fundraising activities are starting to gain in importance as part of church life and community-building. However, pulling of a charity that’s both productive and entertaining can be quite a challenge. If you share the same campaign and advocacies and you want to help the local church, plan a different kind of fundraising activity that’s way colorful than the usual old candy and baked goodies sales of the past.
One creative approach to church fundraising is to inject a theme that will tie up all your fundraising activities, like a Greek theme. Grecian-inspired collectible items are readily available in the market and can be used as inspiration, giveaway or as a theme for a creative church fundraising activity.

Bazaar and luncheon, the Grecian way

One popular (and satisfying) way to raise funds for causes the church supports is through a luncheon. You can add a layer of character into the luncheon by opting for a Greek theme, with food and snacks inspired by the Grecian culture. For this luncheon, you can design a 3-course or 4-course meal that can be enjoyed by parishioners, family members and other guests with the proceeds going to a pre-selected cause or institution. Admission prices should be separate for adults and kids who will sign up for the event.
Of course, a Greek Fest and Luncheon is never complete without including authentic Greek food, baked goods, desserts and delis. A bazaar can serve as another alternative activity that can complement the luncheon. With the combination of bazaar and luncheon, the vibrant Grecian culture can be shared to others and can help raise funds.

Fun run with Greek-inspired picture frames as souvenirs

Fun run is often the choice fundraising activity for churches and other non-governmental organizations. But you can refresh this traditional fundraising idea by including engraved picture frames in Greek as souvenirs for those who have joined and completed the fun run. Take a snapshot while they cross the finish line and insert the photograph in the picture frame to celebrate their achievement. And to add a Greek element into the giveaway, you can engrave a congratulations or the name of the fundraising in Greek. This novel addition is not just meaningful for participants with Hellenic descent, but will be appreciated by anyone who loves unique gifts and giveaways.

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