Greek Road Signs August 15, 2014 00:00

If you have been to Greece, you must have noticed the road signs. The historic nation is somewhat famous for its road signs and for the way its drivers pay them no head.

Made up primarily blue and white, Greek road signs also have Greek lettering in gold. Meanwhile, the white English lettering, a translation of the Greek, sits directly below the Greek words. All of the arrows, lines, lettering are crisp and clear.

However, the greatest thing about Greek road signs is not about what they look like back in Greece, but rather how they will look on the door to your man cave, above the archway at the entrance to your kitchen, or on entryway to your restaurant’s outdoor dining area. Simply put, they will look distinctly unique and give your home or business a real Mediterranean flavor.

Though unique, Greek road signs are popular gifts. This is especially true in areas with robust Greek populations such as Illinois and its surrounding states. One place where you can see, touch, and experience custom Greek road signs in person are the numerous Greek festivals in the aforementioned Prairie State.

At these fun gatherings, you will find Greek road signs for sale that have been created whole cloth from scratch to look exactly like the road signs you would see in the home country with the exception of being customized to serve the needs of homes and businesses in North America.

Some of the more common custom Greek road signs have room names such as kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, princess’ bedroom; things or activities that are found in homes like sleep, food, and eat; or, as mentioned above, names of locations in restaurants. One of the more fun custom signs says “horta,” which translates to “dandelions” in English and is a delicacy in Greece, but a pest in America. Below “horta” is “weeds.”

If you do not find the Greek road sign to fit your needs you can also look online or at Greek festivals for someone who will create a custom sign just for you. Then you will have the most unique Greek road sign around.