Personalized Gift Items from Kantyli

Are you proud of your Greek heritage and want to wear it on your sleeve? We at Kantyli are here to help you do just that! You can order a wide range of custom made household items that showcase Greek history in all its glory. You can also get your names and popular quotes printed in Greek literature and have them presented to loved ones. Here is a list of products that epitomize Greek Culture.

Greek Coffee Mugs

You can order custom made coffee cups that feature names in authentic Greek. You can order cups of different colors for the whole family. Kids will especially love this type of personalized attention. It will also encourage them to know more about their Greek history and will also help to keep traditions alive. The cups can be embossed with attractive fonts and designs that will further enhance the visual appeal. The coffee mugs can also be used as pencil holders in your work space. The ceramic mugs are available in shades of red, blue, green, pink, black and white and can hold up to 10 oz. of liquid.

Marble Paper Weights

You can purchase a beautifully engraved marble paperweight from Kantyli, which features a famous quote from Winston Churchill where he commends the Greeks by saying, “Hence, we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks”. You could also go in for an alternate option which features a celebrated hymn of Jesus Christ.

Board Signs

You can use custom made Greek sign boards made from high quality Alder wood. Greek lettering are tastefully engraved on these oval shaped boards. You can use these boards as display signs at your home, business and even in restaurants where you can engrave popular quotes from Greek folklore. The boards are available in many different sizes with 12 “by 4-3/8” being the widest. It should be noted that these boards are meant for indoor use only.

Gift Items

You can order these items online and present them as gifts to your favorite Greek friends. Personalized gifts like these have their own way of warming the heart and here at Kantyli, we provide you with a wide range of options. You can custom order lapel buttons, Drachma rocks, Greek wear, picture frames, name key chains, DVD gifts, stamp coasters, agate icons, wood plaques, Horio signs, pencils, magnets, medallions and YiaYia Koutalas.

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