Sip a Cup of Delicious Greek Coffee and Read Your Fortune!

There are plenty of beverages that are fun to share with friends, but few of them beat Greek coffee. This bold, energizing drink in its classic little cup gives warmth and charm to every occasion. Plus, the fun doesn’t stop when you’ve finished drinking! The little lumps of solid coffee grounds spread around the bottom and sides of the cup hold clues to your future.

Getting Started

The tradition of fortune-telling using coffee grounds is known as “tasseography,” a term that also refers to the reading of tea leaves. The Greek word for the activity, which accounts for coffee reading only, is “kafemandeia.” To properly read your fortune, you’ll need to savor your coffee slowly in the appropriate cup, thinking all the while (or at least a fair amount of the time) about a question that you would like to have answered. When there is no more drinkable coffee left in the cup, tip it sideways and turn it around clockwise three times. This will allow the sludge to spread into patterns that can divulge secrets about your destiny.

To make sure that all the excess coffee sludge is gone and that only readable patterns remain, place the cup upside-down on a napkin and let it sit for a few moments. Continue to focus on the question that interests you, and ask for guidance in navigating your fate.

Deciphering the Future

When you pick your cup up again, examine the inside for figures and symbols that may contain meaning. If anything stands out to you immediately, write it down. You can then look up the meaning of these symbols in a book or website dedicated to the subject. As you become more familiar with the symbols that are possible and their meanings, you will get better at reading a cup comprehensively at first glance. During your initial efforts, you may miss some symbols just because you don’t know what to look for yet. Everything takes practice, and fortune-telling is no exception!

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