Share Your Greek Heritage with Others

You don't need to wait for Greece’s national holidays to show off the pride you have for your Greek heritage. Setting the stage for March 25 or August 15 is important. Expressing your beliefs on Easter and for Christmas often goes without saying. However, there are plenty of public holidays in between that are just begging for your attention. Also, the rest of the days of the year provide plenty of opportunities for you to share some of the rich history and culture of the Greek establishment.

Teach Your Children

One of the easiest ways to share your Greek heritage is to open up about it with your own children. You might have their Greek name inscribed on a selection of colorful pencils, or provide them with a Greek name sign for their bedroom door. 

When Oxi Day rolls around, share the inspirational story of Ioannis Metaxas and his defiance toward Mussolini. Memorialize this day with a special plaque or other gift.

Decorate Your Home

With wooden spoons engraved with popular Greek cooking phrases, door plates on the bedrooms, Greek rocks, wall letters for spelling out a heartfelt phrase, or picture frames personalized with your name in Greek, you can spread physical reminders of your Greek heritage throughout your home. These small touches can spark conversations with your children or with your friends and neighbors when they stop by for a visit. 

Display Your Greek Roots at School or Work

There are plenty of easy ways to show off your pride in your Greek roots with others, even at work or at school. You can do this without sacrificing professionalism or becoming over-bearing. Some ideas include:

  • Engraved key chains
  • Magnets with a Greek phrase or your Greek name
  • Engraved pencils
  • Coasters
  • Lapel pins
  • Decorative coffee mugs
  • Drachma medallions for the wall
Remember Your Past

Ties to your cultural roots can help you to feel a greater sense of who you are. Reflect on your heritage when you surround yourself with items that have personal significance to you. Choose items engraved with Greek letters and symbols to bring the past home.

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