Accessories to Inspire Greek Pride in Children

Help your children appreciate your family's Greek heritage by giving them items related to Greek culture. Whether you choose T-shirts with Greek symbols, Greek wall art for your children's rooms or pencils with your children's Greek names, there are a number of fun, useful gifts that help to inspire Greek pride in your children.

Start your children's Greek appreciation at the most basic level: your children's Greek names. Translate your children's names into their Greek equivalents, such as Yianni for John, and then buy gifts featuring your children's Greek names printed in the Greek alphabet. The possibilities here are limitless. Use wall art to display your children's Greek names in their bedrooms, or buy small gifts, such as pencils or mugs, featuring your children's names.

Then start teaching your children about Greek symbols and artwork. The drachma, for example, is an important part of Greek culture and history and is featured on many decorative items, including Greek-themed T-shirts. Use old drachma medallions to decorate your walls.

Lastly, begin exposing your children to Greek culture in the outside world. Enroll your kids in Greek school to learn the language, or take them to an art museum to view ancient Greek art. Show them Greek icons in business, sports and entertainment, and begin planning a family trip to Greece.

Your Greek heritage is an important part of your life, so make sure it is also an important part of your children's lives. By making Greek artwork and gifts a part of life in your home, and by taking your children to see Greek-related art or exhibits in your city, you are setting the foundation for a lifetime of Greek pride.

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