Find Greek Style with ODOS Street Signs

Street corner signs are located on every avenue in Greece, and they are set high enough to escape tampering. The rectangular design is a deep blue color with yellow and white lettering. The recognizable signs are made of aluminum and are written in upper case Greek lettering.

Replica signs feature names in Greek and English letters. They are called ODOS signs because the top of the sign reads ODOS in the Greek letters omicron, delta, omicron and si. “Odos” is the Greek word for “street.”

Add Culture to Your Space

ODOS signs are a great way to add culture to a home or office. For those of Greek heritage, it is another way to show pride and to display your culture to others. They are also a nice token to take from a trip to the country. What better way to remind you of the feel of Greece than to own a significant detail of its environment? They can also be used as art pieces in galleries or in productions to add authenticity. Adding a Greek street sign to any decor is sure to spark conversation.

Perfect for Themed Events

ODOS signs can also be used for event hosting. Like any sign, they can be used to denote directions or to label specific areas. Adding ODOS signs to a Greek wedding is an original idea that is also practical and true to the theme. Greek themed dinners or toga parties are much more genuine with Greek signage displayed around the room. College students would love them as room decorations and fraternities and sorority members can use them to show off their organizations during events or rallies. The signs are also a great addition to any authentic Greek restaurant. 

Give Them as Gifts

Aside from buying them for your own interests the ODOS signs also make a great gift. When not using them to decorate weddings, give them as gifts. Greek brides and grooms will be delighted by the unique and thoughtful idea which is a step up from the usual wedding gifts of linens and appliances. The signs are also perfect for birthdays and anniversaries. Your Greek spouse, co-worker, friend or family member will take great pleasure in being able to easily display their ethnic pride. Even those without Greek heritage may find them to be exciting.

ODOS signs are identical to real street signs except in size and the material from which they are made. The letter coloring and text proportions match those found on signs in Greece. Signs with first and family names, restaurant names and streets can be created.

Greek street signs are a unique way to add flair to any area. They are intriguing enough for single use, but they are still special enough to cherish for years. They can be used for fun or as a symbol of Greek pride. Once you hang one up friends and family will be asking how to acquire their own piece of Greece.

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