Two Greek Festivals Complete

The last two blogs were about preparing for the first two Greek festivals of the season. Two weeks ago was I was in Elmhurst and last week in Palatine. What did I learn? Or more importantly what did the church learn?

Both churches know how to prepare for festivals and use their property efficiently to handle large crowds of people and unsavory weather. Saturday is considered the busiest day or should I say the evening is but this year both churches suffered. This year nobody paid any attention to the fact that the Chicago Blackhawks were playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Saturday's crowds never came and it was quieter then past years attendance. When the organizers found out it was too late to do anything, maybe they could warn the next weekends Greek festival? The solution would be easy. Two sentences would suffice. Announce that they would be monitors broadcasting the game if any local professional sports team is participating in a series of importance. That's it. People would have known and may have come out. Instead those evenings were quieter. We saw it and felt it. Not sure how much revenue was lost but, but I bet next year’s festival planners will be looking more closely of what's happening in the National Hockey League.

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