First Greek Festival of the Season

First Greek Festival of the Season

It’s here, today and this weekend. St. Demetrius Greek Orthodox Church of Elmhurst, Illinois is hosting its 46th Annual Greek festival and a well-attended. Located in the parking lot adjacent to the church under a huge blue and white tent that stretches for about two city blocks everyone is protected from the elements mainly the sun. Typically I don’t visit the festival on Friday’s because the weather is usually violent with rain and wind but, this year is different. The storms rolled through the Chicago land area a couple of days and hopeful that the weather will be pleasant tonight. The festival lasts for three days from hours from noon to midnight. Long hours. I’ve been planning for this festival for the whole year and find myself still behind in preparation.

St. Demetrios is special for me. I photographed and used their copper domes on the exterior of their church on the cover of my book, ECCLESIA, Greek Orthodox Churches of the Chicago Metropolis. The church uses the cover my book in their advertisements. Here’s the website to the church,

Its noontime now, this Friday, as I sit to write a quick blog, engraving a few mugs and jotting down notes so I don’t forget something. I have a nagging feeling that I will regardless.  With that I’m logging off...hopefully I’ll see you there. The church is located at 893 N. Church Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126...come by my booth.

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