Just Returned from NBM show

Just got back yesterday from the NBM (National Business Media) show in Indianapolis. And what a show it was...for me. I don't usually attend every year and after the last couple of days maybe that will change.  It's an exhibition show along with classes. The show covers three areas: awards and engraving, sign and graphics, and print wear.  I’m only interested in what the laser can do and it's probably the most versatile tool.

The drive to Indy from Chicago was uneventful and took about three hours to drive 183 miles.

Got there well in advance to make my first class Universal laser class where David Stevens would talk and share his fifteen years of experience of engraving. The hour and half passed quickly as he spoke about lasers, materials and techniques. There was a raffle every twenty minutes or so to win prizes but, I wasn't lucky this time. I’m dying to try 3d mode of printing and a few other techniques and materials such as marble and glass. After his class I sat down and had lunch and as I was walking back to attend another class on Corel Draw, Stan grabbed my attention again at the laser booth and eventually missed that class but, saw David speaking to a couple of people and I got closer and listened too. The things you learn!

I learned I can cut polyurethane foam, even the stuff that mouse pad are made of how to cut a puzzle and materials needed just those two tips had my insides jumping.  Now that I have developed my niche and theme every new material opens new doors of opportunity. By far I spent the most time at the Universal booth talking to Stan and Dave. To be continued in the next blog post.

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