Just Returned from NBM Show (continued) June 7, 2013 00:00

It may seem that I spend most of my time speaking to Universal laser folks although they were my favorite there were others that excited me too.

The next day there was a class Friday morning at 9 am with Rowmark Plastic. Just started using their product to produce smaller signs and the results are fantastic. It's a primitive use of their product but, many, many possibilities if it's used as it was designed. Their plastic comes in so many varieties of color, texture, and thickness. It's durable and tough. Basically a signage product with stand-offs. Stand-offs are metallic fixtures that allow attachment to vertical surfaces like a regular wall or glass surface wall. Since my specialty is Greek engraving, I could make signs with English and Greek words.

Very refreshing and wonderful to find companies that make products in this country, the USA. I found two companies who one who will supply coffee mugs that will have a coating that will be engraved and the other is a t-shirt company that make all the clothing.  Looking forward to receiving a catalog and price list from them also. Hoping the 'Made in the USA' label will prove to be a selling point as well.

Also picked up more agate from LaserSketch, a company located here in Illinois. Beautiful pieces of agate solid in color.

In that large room were many industries but, there was a very important component lacking. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of production and product. My question is...

How do you sell the stuff once you make it?

The show should have vendors or even a few classes that discuss business and websites and how to sell online

There's so much more then actually producing the product.

Perhaps next year they have vendors that teach how to sell online.

Great show. See you next year.