Elusive Eliptical Curve

Designing products is fun. What's not fun is when you get stuck when you see the solution in your mind but can't get it on paper. This particular case is just that. This isn't case of just adding a line here or there...well it is. These lines are elliptical. Altering one is altering all of them.

A few years back at a Greek festival we were given the most tables ever...six! Unheard of. Eight footers! Plenty of space. With the extra space unwanted signs that I thought no one would want and might be possibly sold for less were receiving attention. More so then the the larger ones that were displayed proudly on the adjacent table. This showed me the bigger signs were intimidating buyers. Next year, these signs were re-designed on a smaller piece of wood, same quality, cut and engraved on a pleasing shape. The oval.

The oval shape allows the sign to be placed anywhere. More importantly it can be hung on a wall and look comfortable. Like it belongs there. Not like a square with a bottom that needs a ledge to sit on.

Those sold. Household signs sold the best wishing 'kali orexsi', 'welcome', etc. Then many more phrases were added and eventually grew into other rooms. The kitchen proved to be a great place for these signs. Customizing signs to father, mother or grandmother figures started to gain attention. I thought of adding names...then the problems began.

The extra words brought challenges that plagued me for years. How do you stay within the given dimension of strip wood, keep the sign oval and fit everyone's name and then have space to add a prop?

And TODAY there's a solution. You'll have to look under 'Signs for the Home', personalized kitchen section to see the result.

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