Spring Time

It's time...it's time. Spring is HERE!!! Spring means warmer weather, sunny days, optimistic outlook and Greek festivals. Last year I was bogged down with a large architectural model that was difficult and distracting to complete. You had to keep your mind on it and not get distracted with other Kantyli stuff. Kantyli stuff is fun! I missed two shows last year and you can bet I'm bursting at the seams to be ready for this year.

First Greek festivals of the season are St. Demetrios, Elmhurst and St. Nectarios, Palatine. I’m looking forward to participate this year.

Quite a few new items Kantyli can't wait to show. Coasters, medallions, coffee mugs, new road signs are among the new items along with a few old ones such as my Ecclesia book, Greek picture frames, Greek name key chains and pencils and the surprise will be how the new stuff is going to be displayed.

The new acquisition of a new car has helped all that. The SUV was filling up fast and decisions had to be made to what I could bring. Now I can bring more but still need to be very clever how everything is displayed. About one month before first festival and I'm happy that there's no architectural model here to take up my space and time.

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