Personalized Gifts Greeks Love

I had to come up with a slogan for Kantyli. Nothing inflames my wife or my computer guy more. It's not easy to come up with something unique and clever. Websites have guidelines and suggestions, they recommend a reflection of emotion, be short and easily said.

Here's a few from the professionals ....

Nike - Just Do It

Disneyland - Happiest Place on Earth

American Express - Don't Leave Home Without It

McDonald's - I’m Loving It

See the pattern? They don't add miscellaneous words. It's not 'IT IS THE happiest place on earth", American Express doesn't use the word 'card'.

After many months experimenting with words and definitions I finally found one..."Only we engrave in Greek"...What do you think?

One must get to the nitty gritty of what one does. Find words and find the's this list that I came up with in order of progression:

Enlighten Greek Gifts that Shine

Enlightened Greek Gifts Engraved

Inscribed Forever

Greek Words Inscribed Forever

Engraved Lasting Impressions

Let's Engrave Something in Greek

Let's Engrave Greek Impressions

Greek Impressions Engraved

Engraved Greek Impressions

Hellenic Engraved Memories Socrates Would Like

Engraved Gifts that Greeks Like (my favorite)

Alpha Beta Engraved

It's Engraved to Me

Because We engrave in Greek (a customer told me this)

Personalized Gifts for Greek Americans

Only We Engrave in Greek

finally too:

Personalized Gifts Greeks Love

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