Phone Sales Rep that Wouldn't Go Away

Spring is here finally! Was getting tired of the cold spell that seemed to last forever. So nice to have the sun shinning. Finally!!! Which means warmer weather, Easter and Greek festival season. We've been somewhat more creative this year by fixing up the website and adding new products!

There's one product that we are extremely excited about. Actually it's art work. Art work that was forgotten by everyone including the folks who live in Greece. Greek postage stamps and coins have incredible art and symbolism and we found a way to incorporate this art into new products.  What we propose is to use the old drachma coin engraved onto cork coasters and wall decorations. See our Greek Drachma Coasters.

One day I got a sales phone call from someone who sounded like they were from half way around the world. They were persistent. I asked that they send me information about the type of product they can provide. They did...and called me again an hour later. Then they called the next day...and again later a few hours later. Finally, in frustration they were sent a file of a picture of the five kings dynasty coin. A few hours later the artwork was my mailbox converted ready to go. That's how it started. A persistent phone call that wouldn't go away has helped us with a design that will take us to next level of creativity.

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