Accidents....but Good Ones

Accidents....but Good Ones

I received an email from a friend that was in a group who knew of my model making background. He thought that I might be able to help the group get out of a bind. With four weeks before the event I felt confident and comfortable that a I'd find the group a solution.

Turns out it was a bit more challenging than expected. The original concept (first picture on left) showed an acrylic tube sanded with sandpaper with the words engraved on the exterior. The committee wanted the letters to stand out more but, felt paint would not be the solution fearing it was artificial. A solution was to use dark wood inside the tube to create a contrast hoping that could work...but it didn't.

Days were going by and the deadline was seemed to be approaching fast. Inside the acrylic tube were round wooden disc with clear acrylic disc on the top and bottom. With the deadline looming less than 24 hrs away and we still haven't settled on a design. What happened next is one of those things that you just don't know how it happened but delighted that it did. I started stacking the plates with the acrylic tube alternating every few with a clear acrylic base...soon the theme became apparent and the winning design (middle picture).

The Cycladic figurine along could not be given and a base was needed. That's when I stepped in to help the group. I designed a new round base, designed and crafted by Panos, represents one reel of 16 mm film and three reels of 35mm film on top of each other. The reels are separated by three transparent rings which - when back-lit - reflect the light beautifully (as light is the basic film making element). The reels and the transparent rings are in the size of today's dominant digital disc. Here I am with Alexander Payne (third picture).

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