Where Have I Been?

A project that I've been putting off for some time, a large architectural model for the Parliaments of the World's Religion located here in Chicago. This synagogue is located in Wilmette is North Shore Congregation Israel built at the scale of 1/4" to a foot. Large and complicated with many intersections that make this a nightmare of pre-planning and concentration. A friend of mine was visiting me the other day as an former architectural professional he was asking me how my jobs were coming along. He was surprised when he learned the model was still here. He asked me what's the problem? The problem is that when working on such a project your mind must be clear of ANY distractions otherwise a mistake will be made.

I took a break. Looking at it again with fresh eyes, it's looking pretty good again. I'm not proud of what I'm going to reveal now. This model should have been completed in about three months and to be delivered at the end of January 2012. It's October now, mid-month and it's time to finish. If I don't, I just might not be able to. Only because there's a bit of painting that needs to be done. The colder it becomes the harder it is.

Anyway, back to work.

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