More Material, More Ideas

The excitement of this laser engraver is finding new materials to engrave on. New materials mean a host of new innovative products that people would be interested in buying and especially now during the holiday seasons. When opened its online store we hardly had any products to show except for the ECCLESIA church book and the poster that went with it were the only two products that I had and sold. That’s until I started to engrave picture frames in Greek. I remember showing a sample that had an engraving that basically said, “Yasou”. Showed it to my wife with excitement and she just snorted at me and basically wasn’t impressed. That snort has been key is designing new products. When she snorts when shown a new product it typically does sells, but when she doesn’t and seems excited the product doesn’t sell at all.

I became interested in any material that the laser could mark and cut. Wood, marble, aluminum, Plexiglas, paper, cardboard, twill, smooth river stone, agate, leather and recently cork. As this material list grew so did the product development. I thought a few more products/ideas and then would be legitimate store that would have a lot to offer. It does and it has eclipsed my expectations. We now carry over twenty types of products that were developed from scratch yet more products are planned. This batch will contain more commercial products that will incorporate my model making experience and we will borrow art from Greek drachma coins and stamps to develop more. Today three and half inch cork blanks purchased for logo engraving and other misc. super creative Greek products. I can’t wait.

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