Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

Is it me or has candy changed? I've been thinking about this for some time. Granted I don't eat as much chocolate as I have when I was younger but occasionally will. I'm not eighteen anymore, but closer to fifty. I believe my sense of taste has stayed in its original condition. I don't smoke or drink and usually able to detect the slightest nuances in food or drink.


A few days ago it was Halloween. I didn't go out or even give out candy. The front of the house was darkened, all lights off, to minimize door bell ringing. My six year came back from trick or treating and she was exhausted. She went to sleep quickly and I returned downstairs to check out her loot.  Saw a nice variety of mini candy bars which I sampled and was surprised and disappointed. Here's what I found:

Nestlé Crunch...was hard, not the soft delicious sweet chocolate I remember as kid

100 Grand...could taste a little of the crunchy nuts, but it was lacking the crispness and gooey caramel

Milky Way...is still close to the original

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups...is still close to the original

3 Musketeers...so-so

Almond Joy and Mounds...still good.

Heath Bar...the toffee was dulled down

Kit Kat...use to hear a snap when the bar was broken. Not hearing that 'crisp' sound anymore

Butterfinger and Baby Ruth...are the best. As soon as the package is opened the aroma brings back nice memories.

Peanut M&Ms...is still good.

M&Ms Minis...are good too, these tasted like regular M&Ms back in the day

Bit-O-Honey...excellent. If you’re not careful they'll pull out a crown.

With a few exceptions, seems like the chocolate isn't as sweet as it used to be. Same goes for other foods too. What do you taste?


I don't eat candy anymore because it just doesn't taste like it use too. 

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