Acts of Kindness

The vendors were put into a large tent in front of the church. With hot weather predicated I hope it was a repeat of last year’s hot, hot temps under the tent.

Saturday proved be better where more Greeks came out. I packed a lunch with a few bottles of water that quickly ran out or were too frozen to melt. Our new freezer really worked well...almost too well. I cut the bottle with a scissors just too get the ice cube to get a lick. It was pathetic. I was busy, sometimes too busy, sweating profusely. Drenched and quite hungry. I couldn't leave the booth and risk losing sales. So I buckled down and made due.

About eight, my friend George from St. Demetrios, Chicago came by to say hello to me. Glad he did!! He was kind enough to go for food, gave him a twenty and a long thirty minutes later he came back holding a white Styrofoam container and a cold full size bottle of water. Thank you George!!!

Later that evening at about ten or so, an unknown woman came by. As she picked out a key chain and reached for her money to pay me, I noticed a couple of cans of pop in her apron. When I told her I was so parched, I'd trade a key chain for a can of pop, it worked. I got through Saturday.

But Sunday was the special day. I was running out of singles again and was quite thirsty again. Her daughter comes by and says to me my mother wants to me to give these to you. It was a cold bottle of water and a can of pop. That was so SWEET! Thank you mommy and daughter. She bought a couple of key chains too and paid all in singles. It was by far the sweetest out of the blue thing someone has done for me. THANK YOU!!!!!

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