Can't Stop Designing

I must be sick. I can't stop thinking of the many ways that I can use my engraving machine to make money. Perhaps a few years ago the Kantyli web store didn't have as many quality products as it does today. has finally evolved into a unique place and it's still growing.

Many Greeks online especially Facebook is talking about Greece. This is a good thing for me. With all the Greek products that were designed I'm hoping that with a little bit more work with marketing the website will be viewed for its creativity and original fun ideas and product.

Raw materials like the fifty pounds of black smooth river stone, rolls of colored twill, and wood strips...all now have a new purpose. An exciting one. Just one phone sales call that came out of the blue. They were so persistent that I had to give them a file and they did a fantastic job!!! It has me thinking of more possibilities and that's not a good thing.

Perhaps I needed to work more and learn from the laser and it's capabilities, it's nuisances...perhaps I needed to see what others were doing...and just with little bit of time that had to go by before the universe allowed me to put two and two together.  I'm excited and sad. Excited to work on these new Grecian ideas but, sad because there's a large architectural model that I first must finish!!!

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