Greek Drachma Coin Art Engraved

Greek Drachma Coin Art Engraved

The last blog post was about how sick I am with designing new stuff probably because there's another project here that being avoided. Sometimes the need is so great that you just HAVE to spend the time to go through the exercises of designing the damn thing.

I'm glad I did this group of product is very unique, Greek drachma coin art engraved onto wood with magnetic backing. Ten or so pieces that had pleasing symbolic art (to me) were engraved. The older pieces such as the three pictured about are beautiful with their symbolism and awesome design. I will explain later the significant and symbolism of each piece when they photographed and ready for market.

These wooden coins show in excruciating detail all details one may has missed. The real original coins were little bit more than an inch or inch half diameter. These engraved wooden replicas are three inches in diameter and engraved on a 1/4" of Alder wood. More than enough to see details that might have been over looked or not seen. Coins through journey of use tend to wear out and subtle details are lost.

Now you can see and feel my need to waste time. Hopefully this one will pay off.


The coin described above eventually became magnets that have slowly sold out leaving the more obscure coins scattered about. Drachma coin art found itself on larger medium as 16" medallions to be used as decorations Also again for a brief time they were engraved as coasters too. That product stopped also when the manufacturer decided not to sell it's blank coasters to the public,  Earlier this evening, September 2, 2015, another idea was born while I was looking for something in the studio. Up high on shelves were three in half inch diameter marble hockey pucks. Perfect for desk top paper weights that will bare a rendering of the drachma coin again.

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