Last Few Festivals

Chicago Greek Church Festival season is winding down. The season goes by fast especially now because a few festivals under your belt you are just beginning to jell. Then it’s over. A few more festivals and the season will be done. I’ll participate in a few Christmas bazaars and hope for a good sales on the internet.

What did I observe this year? A few things. Outside temperatures were high and often it was difficult to sit under a tent and wait. That’s right…wait. It seems that people didn’t have the extra money to spend. With admission, a few drinks, food there wasn’t much money for the vendors. An early indication for me was a festival in Marin, California. Typically draws large crowds their May festival didn’t draw as well and this showed me that was going to be an interesting year. Kantyli missed a couple of good shows upfront because of conflicts.

Libertyville was my first festival. It was hot and windy. Outside booth setups are not fun. You must be prepared for EVERYTHING. Second was St. Andrew of Chicago always a joy to go there lots of friendships to rekindle. Vendors are inside the auditorium with AC and lots of tables. Third, was St. Haralambos of Niles the best festival. Fourth was St. Demetrios of Chicago. Can’t go wrong here either vendors are inside with space, AC and lots of space. The drachma magnet made its debut here. Surprisingly, a few were sold and one person took a picture of all of them from the magnet board which pissed me off. You wonder how ideas are stolen.

I’ll be sharing a booth with Loukoumaki, sweet treat for a bland wardrobe. She’s introducing her new ‘Feta’ t-shirt. She a good friend and enjoy her creativity and being Greek too adds to the laughter. Looks like it’s going to be another hot weekend hopefully the temperatures won’t get too high and muggy. Come by and say ‘Hi’. If you do tell me that you read this blog and I’ll give you a key chain with you name on it. See you there!

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