St Haralambos Greek Festival

St Haralambos Greek Festival

St. Haralambos Big Fat Greek festival in Niles, Illinois took place this past weekend...and it's just that. The best Greek festival in the state of Illinois! This festival draws the most people and it could be challenging to figure out what's going to sell. A few blog posts back I wrote I was concerned what items to bring and if they would fit in the car. With limited space there's uncertainty of what to bring. Yesterday we've learned the answer to that important question. We were able to fit the most popular items in the truck.

At the festival we were given two tables one eight footer and a six footer put perpendicular to each other to form a right angle. In addition to those tables, two steel black mesh vertical displays were bought to hang the signs, oval and blue road signs and a smaller four footer was brought to help. A bonus was the pole that held up a tent was also used to place a strategic signs to grab people’s attention.

The eight footer carried the Greek name key-chains, the rocks and the koutala (yiayia spoon) gifts which were quite popular. On the adjacent table the magnets with a display board and six containers of picture frames crowned the table. In the back on the vertical stands were the signs. On the middle smaller table were the larger koutala paddles, a few stray picture frames and my book. A pretty good representation of what Kantyli offers.

We were placed in the middle of the tent. Vendors on both sides of me. A tight space but, worked hard to make it work. 

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