St Andrew Festival

St Andrew Festival

St Andrew's 51st Food festival weekend just passed and though I may not have done as well as past years it was still worth it. When I visit St. Andrew, I see many friends and always enjoy this parish, especially the festival. The vendors are inside in the air conditioned gymnasium and many tables and space are provided. It was here about three years ago that I ran into a former co-worker that surprised me very much. It was home of sorts seeing this person and every after I would see her. Not this year but, last year it seemed it was reunion for meeting more co-workers.

Was able to bring everything that was needed this year...and still have some room to spare. The new products were the Greek magnets similar to the Home Oval Signs but smaller that attach to metallic surfaces.

Twelve were sold, the most popular were...'I don't understand', 'Θα φας ξύλο', and 'Grandmother's Kitchen,' I'll make a few more for the next festival and even add a few more. With the addition of the koutala hopefully I could generate little bit more sales. We'll see how that goes.

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