First Greek Church Festival

This past weekend July 7-8, 2012 Kantyli participated in its first years  Greek festival. I had finally felt comfortable enough with had some time, almost a week, to prepare...and usually a week is not enough to FULLY prepare but that's all I had. So many things to do. Typically try to decide what items to bring and what would sell the best and sometimes new products are introduced. This time, the Greek wooden spoons (the koutala) and Greek magnets were bought by many that visited my booth. The last factor is to see how it's all going to fit in the SUV...if it all fits. I'll bring little bit more.

St. Demetrios of Waukegan offered me a ten by ten foot tent with only two tables. It just barely enough. Three tables is better for me. This was my first time at this festival, a bit of a hike from Chicago about a 31 miles. The church is a bit difficult to find and one must be careful and observant of the roads and signs. Saturday proved to be a day like that driving almost a couple of hours and seeing signs of Milwaukee didn't leave a favorable impression. Soon all that disappeared when I finally found the church. O'Plaine Road is a new street and it not on any GPS maps. My wife said the same thing that one must be careful looking for O'Plaine Road, the sign is small and it's easy to miss. Every festival is special. I hear and see old friends, hear new laughter and make new friends. St. Demetrios of Waukegan was special a mixture that I'll explain in the next blog post.

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