Ecclesia Project, Part III

Ecclesia Project, Part III

Continuing from a couple of blog posts ago where I had forgotten my G’s, God and Greek language. Probably the two most important traits I had slowly forgotten about. A couple of years earlier I had just relocated from California.

Why? Many people ask. My girlfriend at the time was moving back home and I needed to come and see if she was the one. Well, long story short, she wasn't.

I could have gone to a Greek church but didn't. Mainly because I was shy. Knowing Greeks as one myself, I'd stick out like a sore thumb being as tall as I am. Maybe I was wrong and should have attended. I would have made more friends and possibly charmed a mother to introduce me to her daughter.

Anyway, that didn't happen. Joined an online dating site for Greeks and Americans instead, but had more dates with Americans than Greeks. That's how I got lost in the first place.

It was this church book project and my current wife that got me back on track. She spoke Greek and it was such a relief I could share a part of me that was pretty much put on a shelf while dating outside. This book project forced me to grow up and see the bigger picture, communicate in Greek and meet many people along the way that shared their love for the church and family. Finally this started to sink in for me and realized how important my heritage was and to find someone to share it with and share common ideas.

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