Patriotic Signs

Our products are creative. Inspired by Greece and our family upbringing. We are thankful that our parents persevered and spoke Greek to us in the household, took us to Greek school and to church to learn our Orthodoxy Christianity. Sure, it took a lot of work and it wasn't until I was married and had a child of my own I finally truly understood what our parents were doing. They realized our heritage is special and historical. Greece has given more than any other country in terms of language, architecture, philosophy, academics, and sacrifice.

A few days I ago I was updating the description of one of our products, oval wall signs. There's quite a collection of different sayings. One in particular has such an emotional connection that defined us as a country. When most countries during World War II were surrendering, lonely Greece stood up and said 'OXI' (NO!) to Mussolini (Italy) when he asked Greece to surrender. Greece showed the world what courage is and pushed Italy back. What an embarrassment this must have been for Mussolini! Hitler decided to help  his friend and invaded Greece.

Germany spent much time and resources in Greece. Hope Hitler thought it was worth the effort because when he finally got around attacking Russia, it was winter. His war machines and troops had trouble with the freezing temperatures. I hope he felt like a fool and realized the enormous tactical error he made. And I have to say this, can you imagine how different the outcome of the war could have been if Mussolini wasn't so impatient or if Hitler never invaded Greece?

The world should thank Greece every year for its tremendous sacrifice. We at Kantyli have created a unique gift unlike anything on the web now that which every house hold should have hanging on the wall, an OXI sign, or even an a refrigerator magnet.

We don't stop thinking of the possibilities of gifts that we can create. Hence we have our Greek heritage to fall back on when are drawing blanks.

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