The Plan

My original plan was to become an architect. Instead I followed my happy inner child into adulthood and found a career that incorporated things I did in school like daydreaming, sketching, playing with friends, riding my bicycle, and digging in my yard. These contributed to a career in architectural model making and photography. (The latter was necessary to document my creations, just in case people didn't believe what I created. In this respect, it's like catching a fish.)

It was my third grade teacher that wrote in a report card that I daydreamed too much. She did not realize my potential, a skill that I was honing.

Daydreaming = visualization. Seeing things that aren't there or looking at flat blueprints and adding the third dimension to create an object.

Sketching = communication. Creative individuals draw pictures to express ideas and process.

Playing with friends = collaboration. Lifelong communication skills are learned. We often played softball with other architectural and engineering offices.

Digging in my backyard = being creative. Taking nothing and making something.

All these undisciplined activities I loved as a child helped me create my identity and shape who I am today. Architectural model making, photography, belief, vision and art all shaped my creative endeavors.

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