Where's My Box?

At 5:11 pm this afternoon my long awaited delivery got delivered to someone else. Sometimes the truck goes by and comes around but, this time I saw it go down the street and it didn’t come back. Then I heard a ‘bing’ on my I-phone with a message from ****** telling me it was delivered. I rushed outside to see where the box could have been left there’s not that many houses on my block and it was nowhere to be found. Maybe I should have run out my door the second I saw that the truck go by.

So I called the delivery company they were little of no help ... if they find my box I’ll be delighted. The thought of filing a claim and waiting a few weeks for that go through. I think I’ll just have to re-order. There was enough space for the truck to stop in front of the house and even parallel-park if the driver wanted to show his skill. Instead he just rumbled by, it wasn’t more than ten minutes that I was out looking by foot where that box could have landed. What could have happened to that box?

When I was talking to the rep I was thinking perhaps the wrong address was on the label but that too was correct. I’m steamed. I looked at every house, every front door where the box was left yet no box. What the heck is someone going to think when they open the box and find sixty (60) 14” inch wooden spoons. My precious ‘koutala’ the new surprise Greek product that I’m so looking forward to marketing and selling at the upcoming Greek festivals. ‘Tha fas ksulo’ the ever popular you are going ‘to eat wood’, ‘tha se vraso, ‘I going to boil you’ and boring Good Appetite are going to engraved on these spoons and sold. Hanging on a wall or standing upright with a collection of more plain koutalas or even in a pen holder. I guess the lesson here is to require signature delivery only.

Christos Anesti.

UPDATE!!!! Because I wrote about the missing box last night on my blog post I felt pretty good today and realized that I'll just have to make one more phone call. I answered the door this morning and standing at the gate was a fellow looking for me. The driver apparently got the message yesterday and went back to where he dropped off the box...and it was still there. Kudos to Fedex for retracing and finding my koutalas. Today I'm delighted.  Thank you!

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