The Best Twenty Dollar Bill Ever

The Best Twenty Dollar Bill Ever has been shipping and using the USPS and UPS for package deliveries for about six years. Within that time I’ve had the chance to know the folks behind the post office counter and it makes this part of the task enjoyable. Most of my packages are sent at the post office and luckily for us there’s a post office nearby with plenty of parking.

Last week, April 19, 2012, something extraordinary happened. That morning, I walked into the post office to drop off a package for delivery. Stepped up to the window to my favorite clerk, her name is India, she took the package and told me the total was $13.60. I handed her a twenty and she gave me $6.40 in change.

An hour and half later, I returned back to the post office and faced the same clerk. This time the package cost EXACTLY what the change was for the last one: $6.40.

At first I didn’t realize this until I went looking for the exact change. The clerk looked at me in anticipation to see if I could find the correct amount of change.  Let me explain more, at that particular post office, the agents were given very little money in their cash drawers. So it was important that I had the correct change. When the forty cents was pulled out then it dawned on me what happened. I shared my amazement with the clerk and she too was in disbelief.

I’ve stapled the receipts together and next time I visit the post office I’m going to show her. For me it was the best twenty I’ve spent in a long time.

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