Engraving: Where It's At

More than a few years ago, I faced a certain decision to help my aging forearms. I had just completed my first architectural model in what turned out to be an on-going series: Holy Family, Chicago’s oldest Catholic church built on the west side, on Roosevelt Avenue located next door to St. Ignatius High School (pictures can be seen at PFmodels.com). That model was made entirely out of white museum board that was cut by hand. Not easy especially when cutting circles and other tight curvy shapes. This particular task sent me over the edge and something had to be done to make this task easier.

It didn’t take long. Two men were in at the studio making adjustments and explaining instructions. I had just bought a laser. It was meticulously set up behind my desk up against the wall. As they were doing this they were asking me questions and when they heard my answers they looked at each other with puzzled expressions and disbelief. “Cutting”, I said.  Yes, at that time my interest was to cut. They smiled at each other and wondered why I would be using this unique and amazing tool which can do some much more than just cut. “Engraving”, they said is where it’s at.

When the model making projects stopped coming, I had to think of other uses for the laser and to make money. The first project had ‘Yasou’ (Greek for hello or goodbye) and it was spelled wrong according to my wife who told me rudely. Why is her ‘rude’ comment important? Designing gifts takes many hours or planning. Her opinion is magic. She sneers if she doesn’t like it…which means it’s a keeper. If she praises likes it will suck. So once I found that Greek font and designed a few more gifts Kantyli was off to a new adventure.


What did I learn from five and half years ago? I've embraced both laser methologies to make a variety of Greek language gifts that everyone like. Friends are always amazed of what new designs I can make and to decorate. Innovating is easy that harder part of the puzzle is to sell the things to make. 

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