Greeks Know Best

Greeks now best. Did you know most of America is based on the Greek language anyway? Our early Fathers of this country with such figures as Madison and Washington knew how to read Greek and read history of our Greek ancestors. Apparently they realized what a fantastic culture Hellenism was and applied many of its lessons to the American model. Hellenism has contributed more to the American landscape then is known.

Let us count the ways. The English alphabet is based on the Greek alphabet. Thousands of words are translated directly from Greek into English. For example, the word 'Eureka' is a Greek word that means "I've found it" commonly used when gold was found. Even wonder why a Marathon is 26 miles long? A Greek messenger from the Battle of Marathon ran twenty-six miles to Athens to announce that Persians had been defeated. Root words, suffixes, but have intricate meanings such as 'Dem' means people and 'cracy' means to rule. Democracy is the model and how our American government was formed and used today.

The Olympics started Greece. Have you noticed when the countries are introduced, Greece is always the first line? In addition, Greeks have given us proportional and beautiful architecture that was reflected in ancient buildings such as the Parthenon located in Athens, Greece. Have you noticed how many buildings here in American refer to Greek Architecture? Have you looked closely at our buildings in Washington, DC? In addition the fields of medicine, science and mathematics are interwoven with more Greek terminology. Even healthcare professionals such as doctors take the Hippocrates oath, a swearing to practice medicine ethically. Guess it's true that Greeks know best.

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