Greek Festival Time Again

It's that time again here in the Chicago land area where the temperatures have finally warmed up and everyone is feeling happy again. In a few short weeks it will be Greek festival season. With the many Greek churches in the area it's often difficult to decide which festival to attend. Some festivals are better than others, some have better food and some have more attractions.

In the state of Illinois there are thirty-four Greek Orthodox Churches, while in Chicago there's seven, and in the suburbs are twenty, all but a few have festivals, and the rest of the churches are a bit too far for a drive (at least for me). So that's twenty-six churches sponsoring Greek Food festivals on weekends, and sometimes on Fridays too.  For a period of about four months, twelve weeks it's ongoing.

Which festival does one attend? Obviously, there aren't enough weekends. This is where the creativity takes place. On some weekends you have two to three festivals taking place at the same time. Then there's a short summer fast and on that weekend no festivals are permitted. If two or three festivals fall on the same weekend they are spaced apart by many miles.

Often festival goers split the festivals in two visits, one day here and the next day there. Hopefully, we'll be blessed with blue skies and wonderfully warm summer days when festivals do take place. NO overly hot days. These days tend to keep people away. Hopefully I'll see you there, come by and the Kantyli booth and say 'hello'.

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