New Passion Revisited

An old passion rekindled. It just happened. I wasn't planning on it and that's what it makes so special this time.

I've embraced photography and using it again. Upon the completion of my book, ECCLESIA, Greek Orthodox Churches of the Chicago Metropolis, my photography reached a crossroad. At about that time, in 2004, film-based photography was slowly going digital. This meant new learning and ushering in digital photography. New software, hardware, camera bodies and a new way of processing pictures. Everything got more complicated and expensive...quickly. Eventually a Canon 1D M2 was purchased which quickly confirmed taking good pictures is not automatic.

For a few years I had doubts if it was me or if the camera was too complex to learn. I wasted a few years not practicing and learning. It's easy to have camera-envy. Newer models come with better performance and bigger instruction booklets. So I decided to give the current model a chance and learn all I could.

Recent submissions to the Greek Star newspaper and website have given me the boost I needed. A few projects here and there and I'm back. No more camera envy. Just challenge me.

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