Ecclesia Project, Part I

Ecclesia Project, Part I

My book, ECCLESIA, is already eight years old. One overall influence should be noted why this project started. It wasn't until I moved to the Midwest in 1999 that I started to think about this project. It was a warm Saturday afternoon with nothing to do that the thought entered my mind. I was dating a woman who was not Greek and being someone who was raised in Greek household attending church and speaking the Greek language, I started to miss it. The thought of traveling around the unknown Chicago-land area intrigued me and had much potential.

I was excited that I would make friends and meet new Greek people...possibly meet my future wife (which I did...before and during the project). The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. If I didn't have the Greek upbringing this book wouldn't have become such a priority for me to put as much work in to finish.

In order to get future work, I had to learn photography to document my current work to show future clients. I was lucky to have met Mr. Kamages, a Greek Architect. He liked both my model-making and photography skills that he used to present to his designs to clients. Much of my architectural background and experience has helped me organize, design, photograph and execute such a project and speaking of one. Should you be interested in having your own Metropolis book please contact me.

CA is credited with the idea. He was explaining his role in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and it’s required of him to travel to many churches and while he there he takes a few snaps. Just then it occurred to me what can be done with these pictures that CA has taken over the years. Then I blurted out is such a book has ever been printed that documents the Greek Orthodox churches. He wasn't sure but, I knew whom to ask. Mr. Kamages said he knew of no such book. That was the genesis of the idea that was dawned upon me. At the time my residence was San Francisco but, too many things on my plate to even consider the project. So I waited until the right time.

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