Ecclesia Project, Part II

Ecclesia Project, Part II

St. John the Baptist located in Des Plaines, IL was the first church photographed but, it was the second one that changed my life. St. Haralambos and Taxiarchai was relatively easy to find if I paid attention to the road.

I found the church parked across the street and took a few pictures from that distance. I can still remember the newness in terms of architecture and setting of what was before me. This was the fifth Greek Orthodox Church that I saw in the Midwest.

The first was Dormition of the Theotokos in Racine, the second was the Frank Lloyd Wright's Annunciation in Milwaukee, both in Wisconsin. The third was the Annunciation Cathedral located in Chicago, Illinois all related to a past life experience and reason why I moved to Midwest in the first place.

I walked closer to the church doors and realized a function inside. I didn't want to disturb the baptism and just stayed in front observing. Just then a man stepped outside to light a cigarette and noticed me. He saw the camera in hand and went about his business. I felt comfortable and walked closer the doors where the man was standing and asks me "You Greek?". In my most polite and heart felt manner I answered him in Greek. He told me his name but, after all these years I have forgotten.

This simple exchange touched me deep to where the point I wanted to speak more Greek AND be closer to God. Both G's were basically ignored, eliminated and missing from my life. I realized I wanted them both back!  In hindsight, this project saved me. I’ll explain more in the next blog post.

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