Who Was My Visitor This Morning?

Today I had a very special visitor, a kindred spirit and incredible artist for a short, short time. He was in town for his daughter’s college graduation and made time to visit me before departing. He has a long drive home ahead of him, about five hours or so from Chicago to St. Louis. Those are two clues that I’ve given you. Can you guess who he is?

His famed series of broken angels had just been framed and is displayed in the living room. I enjoy how the natural light illuminates the gold leaf incorporated into his art. His Greek was right-on as he described his technique and the creative process of his art to my father-in-law. Judging by his facial features he appreciated and understood exactly what the artist was expressing.

I’m quite excited to be collaborating with him on a future project. One, if successful will be offered here. Now can you tell me who visited me?

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