Decorating with Blue and White

Blue and white is a common color combination, and for good reason. Depending on what shade of blue is used with the white, the room takes on an entirely different feeling.

For example, white and pastel blue is a soft, delicate color combination that works well in many rooms of the house. It’s unassuming and neutral, and would look excellent with white or pale wood furniture. In fact, it’s barely noticeable with some pale shades of blue because it blends so well with the white. This is great for people who want a teeny bit of color without it being noticeable.

White and navy blue is a classic color combination, and is used in many different themes such as nautical. You can choose from all sorts of pretty nautical decorations and patterns to get the look you want. It’s also a striking choice for a modern room- you can opt for navy walls and white trim to really create a WOW factor.

The white and cobalt blue color combination also works if you want to have a Greek themed home, since the Greek flag is blue and white. Simply add in some Greek flags, Greek road signs and so on, and you’ll have a beautiful Greek theme in no time.

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