The Greek Language

The Greek Language

The Greek language embodies a vital aspect of Greek culture. Modern Greek language comes from the Ancient Greek language and is associated with the Hellenic branch of Indo-European. Spanning 34 centuries of written records, it holds the longest documented history of any Indo-European language.

Linear A, a language not fully decoded until today, derived from the first written Greek letters, which were found on baked mud tablets. These tablets were discovered in the remains of the Minoan Knossos Palace of Crete island. Linear B developed in the 12th century BC, dates back to the Mycenaean civilization and consisted of a drawing where each symbol represented a consonant-vowel combination. The closest language to modern Greek today is from the 9th and early 8th century BC, which was a language found based on the Phoenician syllabify, written from left to right and back again.

Kantyli specializes in celebrating the Greek language in all of its gifts. Not only do we appreciate the Greek alphabet by engraving in Greek letters, but also we embrace its language and phrases. Whether it’s a custom phrase or a well known one, we can deliver.


What have we learned from writing this blog thirty-eight months ago? It's the need of educating the public about the Greek alphabet. Many think the English alphabet is the foremost lettering system. Often many are surprised when they learn the Greek alphabet only has 26 letters, three 'e's and two 'o's and no letter 'J', and a few other interesting faucets. 

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