The "Kafeneio" February 19, 2016 12:29

“Kafeneio,” or the traditional coffee shop, is an important aspect of Greek culture. It is there where typically the older male generation usually congregate to participate in such activities as reading the newspaper, discuss current events and sports, or play cards and backgammon. It is also the place where you can sample Greek coffee made in a copper briki. You may also be able to try a taste of coffee in “hovoli,” or hot sand.

Coffee is served in a very thick cup which holds the liquid warm for a long time. This is known as a white demitasse cup. “Diplos”, or a double dose, is also served at the kafaneio. This also has a special cup which is thick, heavy, has a narrow top and wide bottom and can hold foam on a large surface.

The kafeneio is often located in the central square of villages and the islands. Ouzo, local brandy and beer are typically served, along with a small “meze” plate containing a few olives, some feta cheese, tomato and cucumber slices.

Greek cafes are often named after their owners’ first or last names. Kantyli is now offering to create and customize these coffee signs with special Greek engraved lettering. Celebrate the kafeneio at home with one of these personalized signs.